What Is Tribe?

What Is Tribe?
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Tuesday 17th December 2013

Tribe is the youth arm of the United Synagogue, built on authentic Jewish Values of living, learning and caring. Tribe believes that all young Jews irrespective of their observance should be inspired about their Judaism and Israel. Tribe aims to create a future for our community.

Tribe runs a variety of programmes and activities centrally and across US shuls and schools. These aim to inspire and enrich Tribe members’ lives and help them on their Jewish journey. For more information about our activities visit: Latest News, Events, Tribe Locally, Babies & Tots, School Years, Tribe Israel and Campus.

Involvement with Tribe begins with a baby gift-pack for new parents and continues with Tribe Mums and Tots groups at US communities, through to children’s services on Shabbat and Cheder. As they grow up, Tribe will entertain, educate and provide a whole range of activities for your children. Once at primary school, Tribe supplements your child’s Jewish studies lessons with the Tribe curriculum including the revolutionary Hebrew reading course, Aleph Champ, and extracurricular programmes such as Tribe After School Clubs, ‘Kosher Apprentice’ and more. Tribe also run fun days out during the holidays as well as popular annual events such as Chanukah on Ice, Lag B’Omer events, and a host of Shabbatonim within the Jewish school network.

Upon starting secondary school, we switch our focus to preparing kids for the biggest Jewish event of their young lives, their Bar or Bat Mitzvah, through the Tribe Challenge programme. This focuses on important topics they will come across in Jewish life such as chesed (social action) and Jewish identity.

With many Jewish children studying in non-Jewish secondary schools, Tribe takes care to provide Jewish education and Jewish social interaction on-site. Tribe staff often visit these schools for ‘lunch and learns’. Similarly at Jewish secondary schools, Tribe provides educational support for enrichment programmes and lead assemblies.

There is also Learn2Lead, the Tribe leadership training course which teaches essential skills, with the aim that participants will become future Tribe madrichim. The course also provides first aid, self defence and public speaking - which will be of huge benefit to children long after they leave school. Each year there is an advocacy or social action trip to a destination of significant Jewish importance, including Poland, Jerusalem and Prague.

Outside of school, Tribe host Shabbatonim throughout the year, ensuring children have a fun and spiritual Shabbat experience, and strengthening their connection with Tribe. Additionally, Tribe run excellent summer residential camps for children in Years 5-10. There is also Tribe Israel Tour for those finishing Year 11. Tour gives participants a once in a life time opportunity to engage with the beauty and diversity of Israel. Whilst on tour, participants hike through mountains, snorkel the Red Sea, as well as experiencing unforgettable Jewish experiences. 

Tribe youth workers work in local shuls to provide youth with educational and social events on Shabbat and after school.

Tribe Israel hosts activities for all British students on a gap year in Israel, throughout their year there. They hold an enjoyable welcome event, as well as an annual shabbaton. They also help to develop essential skills like public speaking and work with students on Israel Advocacy through the Tribe Israel Leadership Training (TILT) programme. Rabbi Gideon Sylvester, Tribe’s Israel Rabbi, is also there to help students with anything that crops up during the year, even if it’s just for a chat. Tribe Israel end the year in style with their popular ‘Closing the Gap’ event, giving students the opportunity to spend time with people they will be sharing a university campus with.

Tribe Campus: Going to university, gap year, or starting work, is a very exciting time, but it can also be challenging. Tribe is here to help! Tribe hand-deliver School Leaver Gift Packs to all members when they leave secondary school, as a reminder that Tribe will be with them along the next stage of their journey. For those going to University, Tribe Campus Ambassadors are available with help, advice and events, which are often organised together with our key partner, University Jewish Chaplaincy and JSOC s (Jewish Societies).

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