CRP 2024

The Tribe Judaism CRP Course - click the link to book United Synagogue Member Portal - Events (


The CRP course will be taking place at Borehamwood & Elstree Synagogue.


The course is open to all applicants from any community. It consists of six sessions of 45 minutes, covering topics relevant to Jewish customs and practices, festivals, kashrut, etc.


All six sessions need to be completed in order to satisfy this section of the CRP form.

(Only 1 session can be missed under exceptional circumstances and must be made up in a catch-up session.)


For primary applications, the parent/guardian must attend the course, and for secondary, the parent/guardian and child should attend.


For sixth form applications the parent/guardian is not obliged to attend.



1. Shabbat

2. Jewish Calendar 

3. Tefilah

4. Limmud Torah

5. Kashrut 

6. Israel