Primary School Programmes
Date Uploaded: 
Monday 11th March 2019

The Tribe education department works closely with our schools, chadarim and communities, as well as internally with madrichim to develop the Jewish education provided to our participants. We provide training, programmes and resources in various forms throughout our community and welcome you to make contact regarding how we can support our children in your organisation.

Programmes in schools include:


·       Tishrei’s Got Talent (Autumn Term)
Run with Y6, Tribe informal educators run an exciting quiz reviewing general knowledge about the festivals in Tishrei.


·    Shabbatonim (Autumn and Spring Terms)
Tribe works in partnership with schools to provide a programme for thier Shabbatonim. These incredible experiences are run with a group of trained madrichim (leaders) who work hard throughout to ensure that the children are having an unforgettable Shabbat Programmes include fun and exciting activities as well as ruach at mealtimes.
 We liaise with the school in the months leading up to and during the Shabbaton, making sure that everything that is delivered is exactly what the school requires.  


·    Mishloach Manot project (Spring Term)
Tribe follows up with our Shabbaton participants in conjunction with US Chesed, running an engaging session with general knowledge about Purim and packing Mishloach Manot boxes which are given to charities that the US Chesed department links with.


·    Kosher Apprentice (Summer Term)
Linked with KLBD, children in Y6 learn about kashrut and how to keep kosher in our country. They are introduced to the KLBD Kosher Guide and the website/app and then they work in groups to create a new kosher snack, which is later judged by a panel of judges and a winner is selected. This project links Jewish learning with STEM.


·    Horim v’Yeladim (Parents and Children)
Children learn a topic in school and have a fun filled quiz evening with their parents in their local community.


  For school resources click here