Primary School Programmes

Primary School Programmes
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 2nd January 2014

The Aleph Learning Centre NW

At Aleph, The Aleph Learning Centre NW, based at Bushey United Synagogue, we offer Jewish Education in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where children are encouraged to learn, discover and explore Jewish topics and traditions.

For more information about the Aleph Learning Centre NW and to book your child's place click here


Watch out for Tribe members who come to your school to run exciting and fun assemblies.


Tribe works closely with Jewish primary schools to organise and run Shabbatonim for pupils. It is an opportunity for the children to engage with Tribe in an informal setting and to experience an amazing Shabbat atmosphere. The Shabbaton includes delicious meals, fun games and activities and inspirational Jewish learning and prayer services, all run by the teams of madrichim and staff from both Tribe and the schools.

Kosher Apprentice

Tribe’s 'Kosher Apprentice', loosely based on the television programme, is an exciting kosher based challenge for primary school pupils in Year 6. Launched in 2011, it has proved to be a huge success with over 150 pupils taking part across a number of Jewish primary schools.

Working in teams, pupils have to create a new kosher food product. As the programme progresses they will need to design the logos and packaging, create a marketing campaign and finally present their ideas to a team of judges who will provide feedback and choose the winners.

Throughout the programme, the pupils actively learn about teamwork, presentation skills, healthy eating, and the basic laws of Kashrut as well as learning to think creatively. The winning team members each receive a grand prize. The feedback from pupils and staff has been fantastic.

Tishrei Quiz

The annual Tribe Tishrei Quiz takes place at our Jewish primary schools and challenges pupils’ knowledge of the Jewish festivals in a fun and exciting format. The quiz begins with an educational and entertaining presentation of all the Jewish festivals which fall in the month of Tishrei. After this, there are four rounds, each dedicated to one of the Tishrei festivals (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Succot and Simchat Torah). 

However, this is no ordinary quiz where participants simply answer questions. For example, in the Rosh Hashanah round, the team members attempt to hum for as long as possible, to imitate the sound of the Shofar. In a later round, the teams construct a puzzle within a time limit, determined by correctly or incorrectly answering questions related to Succot.