Being Jewish on Campus
Date Uploaded: 
Tuesday 17th December 2013

University is an exciting, yet daunting experience. You are finally leaving the warm, comfortable confines of home and are heading into a completely new and alien territory. This means that you need to prepare yourself as best as possible for the challenges, both positive and negative, which may lie ahead.

Being Jewish on Campus adds an extra element to your experience of University life. Issues such as keeping kosher, Shabbat, anti-Semitism and open discussions on Israel are all something which a Jewish student may have to contend with during his/her studies.

Fortunately, many campuses have very active JSocs, along with representatives from a number of Jewish organisations, all providing support to Jewish students. In cities such as Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham and Manchester there are thriving Jewish student communities with kosher food available and prayer services run by students.

Chaplaincy (formerly known as University Jewish Chaplaincy) have Chaplains covering many campuses where there are Jews and often visit other Universities where there are smaller Jewish populations to provide support services. This often extends to hosting students for hot meals on Shabbat, listening to their concerns and offering friendly advice if needed.

Tribe has local Campus Ambassadors who run events and inform students of the latest news from Tribe and the US.  To get in contact with a Campus Ambassador, click here