Tribe's TILT Returns
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 16th January 2014

This Friday is the start of the Tribe Israel Leadership training programme – TILT.  The programme is designed to give gap year participants extra training to be able to come back to the UK and be future leaders of the community. Whether they are interested in camp, being a cheder teacher, youth worker or even have aspirations to be the United Synagogue President, this course will help them immensely. Our programme has changed this year, to focus more directly on the jobs we have available as well as giving our participants the opportunity to write a creative project which we they could hopefully use in certain aspects of these jobs. 

Our 30 participants will be meeting in the centre of Jerusalem to learn new aspects of leadership. Our course contains learning different aspects of leadership focusing on a specific skill each session, hearing about the jobs we have available as well as giving hands on experience with the Shabbat visits to Kibbutz Lavi where JFS participants are based for 3 months. We will be joined by participants from many different yeshivot and seminaries including Midreshet Harova, MMY, shalavim, Yeshivat Hakotel, Netiv Aryeh and Eretz Hazvi. 

All the participants are eagerly waiting to return to the UK to play a vital role in the continuation of Jewish education and values. 

Aaron Godfrey, Leader of the TILT programme said: "We are excited to get to know our participants better and train them to become our future leaders back in the UK".