Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 4th October 2018

Our ‘Chedarim’ offer a weekly opportunity for children to learn about Jewish life, traditions, history and practices in an engaging and welcoming environment. We believe it is necessary for all children to enjoy a positive Jewish learning experience to create a solid foundation for their future Jewish learning and life.

We have recently developed a new syllabus where pupils are encouraged to explore and appreciate their Jewish heritage. The festival curriculum offers a range of age appropriate educational activities, with an emphasis on using multi-sensory methods, combining formal and informal teaching approaches.

The main focus is on 'learning through experience’, so that Judaism can be experienced as a living entity, rather than an academic study. Hebrew reading is a fundamental part of Jewish education, though not always easy to learn. In conjunction with Aleph Champion USA, we have developed a new and updated UK version of the popular Aleph Champ programme. This exciting reading system is based on the martial arts motivational philosophy of colour-coded levels and testing. This popular programme is being used successfully in most Chedarim and many Jewish Primary schools in the UK.

For further information on Cheder Educational resources or our Hebrew Reading programme, please contact Sharon Radley

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